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Exploring Internet Explorer 7

I thought I would never go back to using Internet Explorer after having found Firefox, but IE7 Beta 2 is making me think otherwise.

Besides the obligatory facelift, the new IE features tabbed navigation, the big seller that put Firefox on the map (sorry Opera, you just didn't catch on). But, what really surprised me about IE was how well the RSS was organized and laid out. Microsoft had indicated RSS integration would have an important role in the next version of their browser and they weren't kidding. A typical feed is highly legible, visually appealing and features a feed-specific menu that allows you to search, filter and sort through content. There's no clumsy XML hierarchy to fumble through here.

The one major drawback of IE7 is the lack of extensions. There are far too many useful tools in the Firefox extensions library to go ignored. As a Web professional, I use Firefox's Web Developer Toolbar religiously and the IE counterpart just doesn't match up. If IE is to regain the market share it lost, it will have to find a solution to match Firefox's extensions.

Finally, I noticed a few minor differences in the way IE 7 renders CSS, but nothing too major just yet. I'll need to take a better look around to see just how much has changed, but at first glance I don't see much.