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Waiting for Karma

Much to my disappointment, the Hartford Whalers Carolina Hurricanes managed to slide by the Edmonton Oilers to win the Stanley Cup. I’m not disappointed because I'm an Oilers fan, but rather a Peter Karmanos detractor. In 1997 Karmanos - Hurricanes team owner - moved the Whalers out of The Constitution State to Raleigh, North Carolina, under some suspicious circumstances.

A state committee headed by then Governor Lowell Weicker awarded Karmanos ownership of the Whalers in 1994, despite receiving a higher bid from another group of investors. Karmanos promised to keep the team in Hartford, but didn't waste any time creating a stadium negotiation tug-of-war when Governor John Rowland took the reigns in the state capitol. No matter what the state offered, including full funding of a new $150 million arena, Karmanos demanded more. It soon became apparent that he had no intention of keeping the team in Hartford and the hope to save the whale ended in 1997.

Flash forward today, the slime-bag Karmanos wins a Stanley Cup in Carolina, the crook Weicker fills his pockets sitting on the board of directors for Karmanos' Compuware Corporation, and Whalers fans still wait for the return of Puckie and the Brass Bonanza.