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Happy Howl-o-ween

  • Carved Pumpkin with Howling Wolves

Tomorrow is Halloween and to get into the spirit of things I decided to carve a pumpkin. Up until now, the extent of my pumpkin carving experience has been under the supervision of a parent. Yep, it's been that long. Being a pumpkin carving novice, I decided to pick up one of those pumpkin carving kits that comes with everything you need to get started, including the carving and gutting tools as well as a booklet of templates. I figured that with the templates I could create something intricate and forgo the usual boring, old triangles.

Apparently, during the time I left to buy the kit, my neighbors complained that my dogs had been barking the entire day. Considering I had only been out of the house for the two hours it took me to run out to get the carving kit, I thought this was a bit odd. So it should be no surprise that I found it amusingly appropriate to use the template with the pack of howling wolves. I quickly learned that cutting a tough-skinned gourd with a saw that looks like it came out of a munchkin carpenter's tool shed isn't as easy as I thought it would be, even with a pattern to follow. The end result isn't precisely what the template looked like, but it's close enough. Besides I'm sure my neighbors will appreciate it every time they glance at doorstep. I took a photo of my disasterpiece in all its glory with my T-Mobile G1, which considering the circumstances, i.e. lighting conditions, produced a surprisingly good quality photo.