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Top 5 Android Applications

The Android Market has been growing steadily since the T-Mobile G1 launched this October. Thanks to the five-star rating system and user comments, in the market, it's been relatively easy to identify the applications worth downloading and those that should be avoided altogether. Here's a list of the top 5 Android applications that every G1 shouldn't be without.

  1. Locale (and Locations): Locale dynamically manages your phone settings based on conditions such as location and time. Locale works in conjunction with Locations—an application that pinpoints your GPS coordinates—and requires Locations if you're using geographic rules in your settings. You'll never have to worry about your ringer going off in the wrong place or at the wrong time. I personally use Locale to set my G1 to use my wireless Internet connection whenever I'm at home.
  2. ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere: I've found that both ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere have their unique upsides and are most effective when used in tandem. Use the camera in your phone to scan the barcode of any product to find the best prices on the Internet and at nearby, local stores. You can then read product reviews to find what others think as well as keep track of your items in a shopping list.
  3. Twidroid: If you tweet, Twidroid is for you. Twidroid a full-featured, mobile Twitter client that includes direct messaging, photo posting and background notifications. Twidroid is still in beta so not all of the features work flawlessly, but it boasts a clean, easy-to-use interface and has a lot of promise.
  4. WeatherBug: WeatherBug uses your GPS location information to provide live, local weather information featuring location-based forecasts, severe weather alerts, radar and satellite maps, camera views and more. WeatherBug is the most comprehensive weather tool in the Android Market.
  5. Dial Zero: Dial Zero allows you to quickly dial the customer service number of over 600 companies and skip the prompts to speak directly with a person. No more menu trees or annoying voice recognition software to stand in your way!