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Sickening Scene At St. Andrews

This weekend I witnessed what maybe the most gruesome sports injury I've ever seen. It's more disgusting than Joe Theisman's broken leg, Allan Ray's dangling eyeball (2006 Big East Men's Basketball Tournament) and the recent incident in Buffalo where Richard Zednick had his throat slit, on the ice, by a falling teammate's hockey skate.

Within 2 minutes of the opening whistle of Aresnal's match against Birminham City at St Andrews, Arsenal's Eduardo Da Silva was hit by the mistimed tackle of City's Martin Taylor. Taylor slid in studs up hitting Eduardo across the center of the shin shattering his leg and ankle.

How bad was it? When Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas came to assist Eduardo he covered his face in shock then began flailing his arms frantically for the team trainers. Sky Sports, who aired the game, refused to show replays of the injury because it was so "horrific." And Eduardo, who was administered oxygen as he was stretchered off the field, has no recollection of the incident, but says he never wants to see a replay.

If you think you can stomach it, the clip is not only number one, but numbers two and three for most viewed videos this week on YouTube. We live amongst barbarians.