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A Minnie Site for Disney

One of the things I intended to use my site for was to promote my services as a for-hire Internet professional specializing in Web development, Web design, search engine optimization, standards-compliance, usability analysis, Internet marketing and promotions, Web site analytics, Internet advertising, etc. Phew! Besides sharing a few lines of code, I haven't done very much "me" marketing, so here's my start.

I just wrapped up a small project for the Walt Disney World® convention and meeting attendee division. I was commissioned to develop a micro site promoting Disney's special theme-park ticket prices for conventionears. Conventionears...get it? In any case, the Disney Conventionear Ticket site was promoted to production last week and is now live.

My primary challenges in developing the site were to ensure search engine optimization and handheld device compatibility (particularly the Blackberry and iPhone) while meeting Disney's strict creative quality standards. With my requirements identified, and my standards-compliant XHTML shell approved to go into the design phase, I was provided access to Disney's plentiful resource libraries for inspiration (I wish all my clients had such well-organized, asset libraries). I ended up compositing 4 unique page themes for each of the Disney theme parks, each sharing an evening backdrop since the tickets are valid after 4 p.m. Once the design comps were approved, I incorporated them into the XHTML pages using CSS to ensure the SEO would not be influenced by any non-indexable elements. If you visit the site, refresh the pages a few times and you'll see the themes randomly change among each of the Disney theme parks.

If you're interested in reading about my experiences in targeting a Web site for the BlackBerry, stay tuned for my next entry.