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Olympic Observations

In honor of the Orympic (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose) games in Beijing, I plesent (that one, too) my thoughts from the first three days of competition.

  • My cousin Dan, who just returned from China, corrected my pronunciation of Beijing. Phonetically it's pronounced Bay Jing not Bay Zhing. Say it right Bob Costas!
  • And1 Mixtape Tour : NBA :: U.S. Olympic Team : FIBA
  • Team Handball—think soccsketball—looks like a sport I would have loved to play in middle school, which by default would make it a great adult, co-ed league sport.
  • Brian McBride is the United States' best soccer player (sorry Landon).
  • I probably can't swim 50 meters in the time the U.S. Men's 4x100 Freestyle Relay team finished their race.
  • Gymnasts can perform gravity defying routines during audible ruckus (music, cheering, concurrent events), yet tennis players and golfers can't hit a ball without complete silence. It makes no sense.
  • Synchronized diving? Uhm...are you serious?