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T-Mobile G1: The 7 Have Nots

Now that everyone has had time to digest the full specs for the T-mobile G1, here is a list of 7 missing or incomplete features. My biggest gripes are the omission of GPS and the exclusion of a built-in headphone jack, but there are a few more that will undoubtedly prove to be nuisances.

  1. GPS: Sure there's Google Maps, but how are you supposed to take full advantage of ShopSavvy's results for best prices and inventories of nearby stores?
  2. Desktop Sync Software: So you can play music on the device, but you can't sync the music (or anything else for that matter such as photos, contacts, etc.) with a computer?
  3. 3.5mm Headphone Jack: So you can play music on the device, but you can't listen to it without an adapter? I dislike proprietary cables on gaming consoles and I dislike them even more on cell phones. Proprietary cables and adapters need to go!
  4. 1 GB Memory: So you can load applications, music and photos on the G1 but you only get 1 GB of memory? I like the idea of the microSD card slot for expansion, but 1 GB included memory is not enough considering the G1 is being marketed as what equates to a phoputer (coined!).
  5. Flash: It's surprising that Flash wasn't included out of the gate considering one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone (besides the inability to copy and paste) is the lack of Flash support.
  6. Multi-Touch Screen: We double-click with our mice, why not let us double tap with our fingers? This isn't a huge omission, but one that didn't consider usability.
  7. Video Recording: The marketing team for the G1 was sure to tout the 3 megapixel camera's auto-focus feature—a veiled reference to the blurry picture problems with the iPhone—but until someone develops video recording software, you'll have to settle for those crisp, in-focus stills.