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Sideshow's Idol Chamber Environment Review

  • Sideshow Collectibles Indiana Jones Idol Chamber Environment
  • Sideshow Collectibles Indiana Jones Idol Chamber Environment
  • Sideshow Collectibles Indiana Jones Idol Chamber Environment

Continuing my review of Sideshow Collectibles’ Dr. Rene Belloq, today I take a look at the Idol Chamber Environment, which is the unique piece included with the exclusive version of the figure.

During the priority pre-order for this set, I couldn’t help but think the version of Belloq packaged with the Idol Chamber Environment was an odd choice. I also couldn’t help but think “Holy shit! I can’t believe they're including an idol chamber as the exclusive,” but that’s beside the point. If you recall, at the beginning of Raiders, Belloq swipes the fertility idol from Indy wearing a safari-esque outfit with khaki shirt and pith helmet. Though that version of Belloq would have been a more obvious choice to include with the chamber, the good news is we get a Belloq figure, and khaki shits and pith helmets are a dime a dozen in the 1/6-scale world. In other words, it’ll be easy to make your own jungle Belloq, should you choose to.

Before I start my review, let me get this out of the way; the Idol Chamber Environment alone is worth the $140 you’re paying for the set. The chamber is made from polystone and comparatively shopping Sideshow’s site for other polystone pieces with similar dimensions, you’ll find this set sells for considerably less. And you get a Belloq in the deal. Anyone complaining about the price of this package has no justification in my book.

The idol pedestal is hollow, but still has some good weight to it. Both it and the additional floor piece have soft foam along the bottom to prevent them from moving or sliding, which is a nice touch. The carvings on the chamber aren’t completely screen-accurate, but they’re close enough. What really surprised me is the level of detail Sideshow was able to achieve with the vegetation on the pedestal. The moss and growth on the rock looks very realistic and has depth and dimension. It’s well done.

Now what’s an Idol Chamber Environment without an idol? Despite including a fertility idol with their Indy figure--who you’ll most likely be displaying in the chamber--Sideshow included a solid metal idol with the environment. The idol has a gold-metallic finish and is quite heavy for its small size. The metal idol holds detail better than its plastic counterpart, so you’ll most likely bag the idol included with Indy in favor of this one.

So what’s wrong with the Idol Chamber Environment? Not much. My only complaint is the use of an additional floor piece to extend the floor, instead of widening the floor on the base. I think it would have looked better as a complete, single piece. Besides that, I think it’s a great piece and a must have if you’re an Indy collector. I give Sideshow Collectible's 1/6 scale Idol Chamber Environment a 9 out of 10.