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Oh, Deer!

  • Deer in my Yard

I have a small area in my garage that I converted into a gym. My normal routine is to work out in the evening or on a rare occasion, in the morning. This week I've been working out in the afternoon, mostly because the Florida summer is winding down and it's not as hot in the middle of the day as it was a month or so ago. Don't get me wrong, it's still hot, just not as hot. Anyways, for the last two days when I've opened the garage door to start my workout, I've spotted this deer. She's a welcome sight, when compared to the moths, mosquitoes and deer flies I've become accustomed to. The click of my camera snapping photos prompted a few stares and occasional ear twitch, but besides that she was content in chomping away on the vegetation behind my house, as I photographed her.