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Shaking Up Viral Marketing

This week, Mario-antagonist Wario debuts in his first starring role on Nintendo's Wii in Wario Land: Shake It! Nintendo is marketing the antihero's adventures on YouTube with a fresh approach to video viral marketing. Rather than settle for a basic embedded video, Nintendo has packed some browser-busting action into their YouTube page that corresponds to Wario's in-video antics. Despite the clever marketing approach, I have to admit the 2-D game looks a bit underwhelming.

Wii Numbers Aren't so Wee

I've added my Wii Number (1644 7856 0826 9371) to the modules in the right gutter, below my Xbox and Zune cards. I'm guessing I won't be creating a friends list as quickly and easily as I did on Xbox Live simply because Nintendo's 16-digit sequence is more like a credit card number than a Gamertag.

Whee Remote

Nintendo began offering Wii Remote wrist strap replacements, today, after reports that the straps break during gameplay sending errant WiiMotes on a collision course with TV screens. Has there ever been a more text-book example of irony then the Wii Remote going whee?