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Looking Good

I've just about wrapped up the site design and have a few things left. If anyone finds anything odd, please leave a comment. My housekeeping list for the site is as follows: correct rounded corner above footer (IE), modify and style <code> tag, modify and style upper navigation (to identify current page), insert content for upper navigation, insert content for footer disclaimer, style comment entry window, test inline images on articles, check site for validation, clean up admin and css files.

Pardon the Mess

I finally have some free time to work on the site layout. Little did I know that after my last post about having a bug, I would get a bug - the flu. So I'm wasting the time away in front of the computer at home instead of at work. Things may get crazy looking on the site, but they will be corrected shortly. And I know, I should be working on a development version of the site and not the live one, but it's easier this way.

Dude, I'm not Getting a Dell?

I purchased my current desktop computer from Dell. I thought I got a pretty good deal with the $150 mail in rebate, DVD Burner upgrade and upgrades to the RAM and hard drive. This time around I tried a different approach. Instead of ordering online I decided to make some phone calls and, to my surprise, I won't be getting a Dell after all. Not considering the dinosaurs the likes of the TRS-80 and Apple IIC, I'll be going back to my PC roots and getting a Gateway. So how much did I save?

Running some numbers by ordering over the phone, I saved about $700 from Gateway. By comparison if I ordered the same Duo-Core laptop models from Dell or Apple it would have cost me $800 and $1000 more, respectively. So how much did I pay? I got a top of the line Duo-Core for a bottom line of $1600. This includes all tax and delivery charges as well as upgrades to the hard drive, video card, optical drive, RAM, processor and screen. So what did I do that go me such a deal? I told them I was going to buy a laptop in the next 24 hours and if they gave me the best deal I would do business with them. I made a few calls and played their sales game telling them I'd call them back and I'd have to crunch some numbers. In the end I'd like to think I beat the salesman at his own game. Either way, I'm getting a Gateway, moo!

Et tu, Brute?

I recently got a friend of mine a job with the company that employs me. I always thought he may be emotionally imbalanced, but didn't make much of it especially since he has a solid skill set and would be a great asset to our Web team. After giving him enough interview tips to get a mongoloid hired as an engineer at Google, he's in; without a face-to-face interview. Not only is he in, but he's in big; making triple what he did with his previous employer.

Shortly after starting, I begin to take notice of his paranoid, reclusive and socially-immature personality. I won't get into details, but it's gotten so bad that he doesn't even trust me, even though I got him hired (though I'm sure somewhere in his delusional mind thinks he got the job on his own merit). I'm not expecting him to crown me dictator, but put away your knife show me some respect. Never again will I ignore the facts, especially if the writing's on the walls.

It's Alive!

Finally, after all this time I'm ready to start posting! I've got a few layout and style issues I need to iron out in the CSS, but I figured it shouldn't stop me from getting started. Major site additions are on the way.