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Modern Day Traitors

As a Pole, there aren't many things to be happy about in Poland's last minute loss to Germany, which essentially eliminated them from advancing in World Cup play. However, I'm pretty sure that everyone in Poland is relieved that neither Lukas Podolski nor Miroslav Klose - both Poles playing for the German side - netted the extra-time goal. Podolski and Klose were not only born in Poland, but to add insult, speak Polish to one another. I'd like to know why, being Polish, they weren't wearing red and white?

Czeching Out Early?

The U.S. Soccer team's hopes for a strong World Cup showing in Germany may have ended just as soon as they began, after a 3-0 opening loss to the Czech Republic.

The Czechs struck quickly, taking the lead after only five minutes and from there on out, it appeared that the U.S. had more interest in watching the game then playing in it. DaMarcus Beasley couldn't trap a ball if he had fallen into a vat of glue. Serving the ball to Beasley was like kicking it at a wall; it bounced away 10 yards where it could be easily collected by the opposition. Pablo Mastroeni played in this game - which you'd have never known if you didn't check the box score. Too bad the box score didn't clarify that the game he was playing was keep away. And Landon Donovan did a better impression of a magician then a soccer player with his disappearing act.

You can't blame this loss on the tumbling and knuckling, 14-panel Adidas Teamgeist ball that danced its way past Kasey Keller 3 times. We never saw the team exude the confidence that U.S. Coach Bruce Arena promised, instead we saw a team that was intimidated and outplayed, a team that showed no desire to win and a team that lost becuase they gave no effort. The bad news for the U.S. is that as good as the Czechs were (or as bad as the U.S. was) their next opponent, Italy, was even more cohesive, aggressive and better skilled in their 2-0 victory over Ghana.

Is It Time To Get an iPod?

I'm probably one of the last people in the civilized world without an iPod, but it's for good reason.  I've been holding off on buying an iPod in hopes that the competition would release the ultimate PC-centric media player; still waiting Microsoft. Well now, Apple teams up with Nike and through the magic of an iPod, my sneakers are going to be able to monitor and motivate me during workouts. I know this is one of those things we'll look back at and laugh about ten years from now - like MC Hammer Pants - but I want a pair of Air Zoom Moire. I keep telling myself that unlike the zipper pockets of the Roos my mom bought me when I was 9, I'd really use the Nike+ feature.

Maybe Next Year... Seriously

When Josh McRoberts announced he'd return to Duke for his sophomore year I thought things couldn't get any better, especially since it appeared that he'd be on a NBA roster next season. Well, things just got better in K'ville. Lance Thomas, a recruit highly coveted by the likes of Rutgers and Florida, announced he'll be lacing up his Air Up Tempo's in Durham next year. Thomas joins an already impressive incoming class and should bolster the Blue Devils front court. I'm really beginning to think that next year is our year; we're due.

Maybe Next Year

It's a month later and I'm finally coping with the reality that Duke lost. I wasn't too impressed with the Georgia Dome as a basketball venue; the acoustics were lousy and the seats seemed disconnected from the court. The chicken nachos, however, were fantastic.

Duke finished the season at 32-4. How inconceivable is it that the two Duke games I went to this year - versus Florida State and LSU - were losses? The good news is that next year's freshman class looks solid and as long as Josh McRoberts doesn't bolt for the Association, they should be of championship caliber.

The Big Dance: Day 1

I was a little surprised at how flat Syracuse looked. It seemed as if the Orange were content in just making the field, after running the table in the Big East tourney. Goes to show you why it's important to make your mark early in the season so you don't have to wear yourself out playing catch up at the end of the year.

Speaking of the Big Easy East, how about the day one ofer? 0-for-3 doesn't bode well for the Big East's reputation as the best conference in the country, though its big guns are in action tonight and they're just about guaranteed wins from UConn and 'Nova.

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Atlanta or Bust - Litterally

I'm hoping Duke's lackadaisical performance against Southern isn't a harbinger for things to come. I think the Blue Devils took the Jags a little too lightly and may have been looking ahead. Hopefully Coach K will put a stop to that. I've got a seat at center court 30 rows up in Atlanta and expect a pair of victories there, as well as in Indy. I guess I'm looking ahead, but can you blame me?