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He's Alive!

  • Mattel's DC Universe
  • Mattel's MOTUC
  • NECA

While I haven't been updating the blog very often, I have updated some pages behind the scenes, such as the about me and hire me pages. I've also updated my photos page with some wildlife photography I took along with some photo work I've done for Cool Toy Review.

Oh, Deer!

  • Deer in my Yard

I have a small area in my garage that I converted into a gym. My normal routine is to work out in the evening or on a rare occasion, in the morning. This week I've been working out in the afternoon, mostly because the Florida summer is winding down and it's not as hot in the middle of the day as it was a month or so ago. Don't get me wrong, it's still hot, just not as hot. Anyways, for the last two days when I've opened the garage door to start my workout, I've spotted this deer. She's a welcome sight, when compared to the moths, mosquitoes and deer flies I've become accustomed to. The click of my camera snapping photos prompted a few stares and occasional ear twitch, but besides that she was content in chomping away on the vegetation behind my house, as I photographed her.

Wait 'Til You Get a Load of These

  • Hot Toys Batman
  • Hot Toys Batman

My Hot Toys Batman and Joker figures, based on The Dark Knight, arrived yesterday from Action HQ in Hong Kong. I was amazed when I pulled them out of the box so I snapped a pair of photos to give you an idea of the level of detail on these. Both the sculpts and accessories are absolutely incredible. I'll have more photos and will review the pair later in the week.

Sideshow's Commander Praji Review

Commander who? OK so I admit I do know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to the original Star Wars trilogy, which I guess classifies me as a geek. Commander Praji, however, I don't know. Geek classification revoked! In order to figure out just who this Imperial crony is, I had to pull a Wookiepeia and watch a YouTube clip (start 3:17 in). Now I realize by going to Wookiepeida I'm back to being a geek. In that case, check out my geeky photos of Sideshow's 12-inch Commander Praji in my photo gallery.

Commander Nahdonnis Praji is an Imperial Officer who gets his 15 minutes seconds of fame aboard Princess Leia's Rebel Blockade Runner. Unable to locate the stolen Death Star plans aboard the Tantive IV, Darth Vader instructs Praji to personally oversee a detachment to the planet Tatooine in an effort to retrieve the plans from a jettisoned escape pod. We all know where that leads... my photo gallery.

Sideshow Collectible's Commander Praji figure is our introduction to Imperial officers in their Militaries of Star Wars line. Though he wouldn't be my first choice to immortalize, he's got an interesting back-story and Sideshow has been known to take that into account in their character selection.

The 12-inch Praji figure features the Art S. Buck body dressed in a standard-issue Imperial officer uniform. The detail and tailoring on the uniform is well done. The pants look great and have the widely flared thighs tapering from the knees to the ankles (an obvious reference to the pants worn by WWII-era German officers) while the top is a little stiff making it difficult to locate the slits for the silver tubes. Besides the tubes, the uniform is detailed with a rank insignia.

Commander Praji comes with a pair of swappable hands/gloves and pair of swappable Imperial caps. Praji ships dressed in the gloves and I'll warn you that they are better left on as they're very difficult to fit back once removed. I like the option of the two caps; one fabric and one sculpted. I don't have a personal preference, but I do think the fabric cap looks better in person while the sculpted cap photographs better.

Praji is armed with a stormtrooper blaster with folding stock as well as a blaster pistol, the latter of which fits into the holster on his belt. The simple leather belt is what it is, but I do like the magnetic clasp on the holster, which has thankfully become a standard feature on Sideshow's figures.

My biggest problem with Commander Praji is well...Commander Praji. The choice of this character is obscure considering the pool of Imperials Sideshow had to choose from. What makes things worse is that the likeness of the figure, in comparison to the actor, is poor at best making it even less desirable.

All in all there really isn't much to this figure. He's an obscure character, in a well-done, yet simplistic costume with an inaccurately sculpted likeness. I give Sideshow Collectibles 1/6-scale Imperial Praji a 6.5 out of 10.

Sideshow's Snow Bunny Padme Review

This weekend I received my 1/6-scale (12-inch for the scale impaired) Padme Amidalla - Ilum Mission (a.k.a Snow Bunny Padme) figure from Sideshow Collectibles. I strongly considered cancelling my order for this figure when I received the 15 day shipping notice, but I rationalized that it would be one of the last $50-range figures from Sideshow and thought it might be a nice piece. My hunch was right and as you'll see from the pictures I've added to my photo gallery, I'm glad I went through with the order.

The figure is simplistic in detail when compared to some of Sideshow's other offerings, yet it's well done. For those of you unfamiliar with this version of Padme, the outfit is based on an episode of Cartoon Network's The Clone Wars animated series in which Padme travels to the ice planet Ilum with Yoda on a mission to protect the Jedi caverns--the source location of the crystals used to make lightsabers. I would imagine Sideshow had their hands full translating an animated character into a realistic interpretation, but I believe they succeeded.

Using Natalie Portman's Padme Amidala character as a likeness, Sideshow has captured an accurate representation of the actress in this piece, down to the mole on the figures right cheek. The brown eyes have a life-like depth to them though they're set to look off to the side, which can be a nuisance if you're trying to pose the figure to look forward. The figure uses the standard 30-plus point articulated Art S. Buck body, which lends for a good amount of possibility though the arms appear to be a little too long.

Like the figure's resemblence, the costume treatment has also translated well from its animated reference. The fur-trimmed cape, gloves and boots give texture to the white body suit and the material used for the cape lends well to posing. A fair warning, if you decide to pull off the figure's under-hood be prepared to see a bald head. Not a pretty sight. My only gripe about the costume is that the belt is poorly made. Not only does it appear fragile (though it photographs well), but the fact that the holster didn’t come with the customary clasp or magnet to hold the flap down is disappointing. Padme also includes a blaster, grenade and electro-binoculars.

All-in-all, I'm surprisingly pleased with this figure considering I'm not a fan of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. I rate it a 7 out of 10.

Some Great Doggone Photos

I'm glad I took the time to create my own photo gallery application last week. It simplifies the process for me to get photos up, which means I'll actually use it. So with no further delay, I present a new gallery dedicated to my pooches.